Treasury Operations

When was the last time you looked at your treasury operations—really looked?
  Over time, all systems experience changes that degrade their functioning. The process is usually so gradual that it is unnoticed. This means that you also won't notice the financial impact of an ineffective treasury—at least not until you have a problem! Avoid that financial problem by giving your operations and policies a preventive checkup now.
  TIS works with you to streamline and improve your overall treasury operations. This may include updating procedures and bank-supplied services, adding new ones, or establishing a new, separate treasury function. One noticeable result will be reduced bank fees and improved information management.
  Here are some of the ways we work with clients:
  • Treasury Tune-up. In these flat-fee projects we review your treasury operations with a focus on eliminating cash congestion. You receive a report of our findings, an action plan to implement recommendations, and projected savings.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting. We will review your current forecasting process and help you modify or replace it with a cash flow forecasting system that really works. If you do not have a cash forecasting system in place, we will help you set up one tailored to your organization. You also receive training and customized templates.
  • Starting from Scratch. We will assist you in developing a treasury function, or we will help you overhaul your out-of-date system. Training and documentation are included.
Change is difficult, and its even harder to do by yourself. Let us help you.