An Outline of a Corporate Treasury Management Course

Day 1: Overview Managing Cash

Session 1: Introduction and Overview
Session 2: Treasury Strategies
  Case: Where's the Cash?
Session 3: Managing Cash
Session 4: Treasury Technology
  Case: Working the Cash Desk

Day 2: Managing Working Capital

Session 1: Introduction and Overview
Session 2: Credit and Receivables
  Case: Making the credit call & Evaluating A/R performance
Session 3: Managing Inventory
Session 4: Managing Payables
  Case: Finding hidden cash

Day 3: Short-Term Liquidity Management

Session 1: Overall Liquidity Management
Session 2: Cash Flow Forecasting
  Case: Evaluating cash forecasts
Session 3: Managing Short-Term Investments
Session 4; Managing Short-Term Borrowing
  Case: Managing liquidity

Day 4: Managing Risk and Relationships
Session 1: Managing Financial Risk
Session 2: Treasury as In-house Bank
  Case: Setting up an in-house bank
Session 3: International Treasury
Session 4: Managing Bank Relations
  Case: Measuring compensation performance