Training for Bankers

As part of the working capital team, treasury managers are learning to broaden their point of view and the ways they handle payments and collections. Naturally, they expect their service providers to understand the broader context as well. Bankers who understand working capital can better judge how to supply new services that will help their customers be more efficient and competitive.
 We know what your customers want today and what they'll be expecting tomorrow. We understand their needs and can help you understand them.

Working capital workshops

The working capital workshop focuses on issues that are broader than the traditional cash management perspective. It covers all aspects of working capital management—from cash flow management to liquidity management to technology management. The goal is to give participants the big picture and help them understand where traditional bank services fit in.
 Using interactive cases, exercises, and role-playing, participants learn how a treasury manager functions in a working capital setting. As participants discuss their findings to the case studies (as if they were treasury managers), they will learn how decisions are made and how much variation there can be in solving working capital problems. Both cases and exercises are discussed with all workshop participants.
 We work with bank clients to create an effective learning experience for contact and calling officers, product development managers, and other personnel involved in selling or delivering treasury management services. Please contact us for additional information about our on-site seminars by calling us at (609) 466-2300 or by e-mail at Ken or Joyce.

Customer roundtables

A different but equally effective way for bankers to better understand customer needs is a customer roundtable. We work with bank clients to organize the roundtable by developing the goals and focus for the discussions, providing the talking points, topic outlines for roundtable participants, and summarized notes from the sessions. We lead the sessions at bank locations, and bank representatives can participate in the discussions or simply listen. We have found that these workshops are very valuable and offer needed feedback to calling officers and bank product developers.
 Sound interesting? Please contact us at (609) 466-2300 or by e-mail at Ken or Joyce.