RFP Spot Consulting

There may be times when you do not require outside help to manage an entire RFP project but you could use additional help at specific points in the process. TIS provides this type of short-term, targeted help.

When spot consulting is useful

  • Before the project begins
    You may wish to secure an independent expert opinion prior to beginning an RFP project. This usually entails a review of the current banking structure and the treasury management system, including reviews of account analyses to confirm—or not—the need for an RFP project.
  • Before the RFP is distributed
    During the preparation phase of an RFP project, you are faced with several critical decisions: Should you change your internal treasury management system? What services should you include in the RFP? Which banks should be asked for proposals? The earlier these decisions are made, the more successful the RFP outcome. This is where an outside expert can make an important contribution.
  • When the proposals have been received
    Reviewing bank proposals is a vital and daunting task. There is a great deal of material to be examined carefully before a thoughtful decision can be made. It is often helpful to an RFP team to have outside help in reviewing bank responses and to establish guidelines for decision making.
  • Post-selection support
    After the selection of one or more banks, agreements must be negotiated. Some companies like to have an outside expert on call for negotiation coaching and prepping. This type of support is usually done by telephone or e-mail and is invisible to the banking side.
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