Resources for Financial Managers

On this page we present websites for financial managers. They are organized by general categories.

Financial Websites to Bookmark

Here is probably the richest treasury management site on the Web! Check it out! It has the definitive list of consultants in the industry. Phoenix-Hecht

Associations: There are a few associations you should check out regularly. They deal with the various areas of working capital management and can be valuable sources of information about the latest issues in their areas of interest and good reference points for service providers in their areas.

U.S. Treasury Managers: Association for Financial Professionals

Regional treasury management associations in the U.S. (on the AFP site): Regional Association List

Canadian Treasury Associations (regional groups only; there is no longer a national group): Canadian Treasury Management Association

U.S. Treasurers: NACT National Association of Corporate Treasurers

Senior Financial Managers: Financial Executives Institute

Global Treasury: Society of International Treasurers

Automated Payments: NACHA - ACH online

Trade Credit Managers: NACM National Association of Credit Management Credit Research Foundation

Purchasing/supply chain management: Institute for Supply Management

Risk management: Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

Insurance: RIMS Risk and Insurance Management Society

Trade magazines and newsletters: There aren't many, but don't forget to bookmark trade magazines and newsletters. There aren't many, but you can check these sites out for back issues, conferences, etc.

Additional Web Sites for Treasury Professionals

These sites include sources for electronic payments, credit information, debt credit ratings, cash forecasting and other topics.

The Clearing House Interbank Payment System: CHIPS (CHIPCO)

The Electronic Payments Network: Electronic Payments Network

Electronic check clearing U.S.:

The Society for Worldwide Financial Telecommunication: SWIFT

Trade credit information: Dun & Bradstreet

Debt credit ratings (several sites):

Cash forecasting (several sites):

Standard policies and agreements: Securities Industry Association

Foreign exchange rates:, The Currency Site

Good financial tools and other valuable resources: Prof. Damodaran (NYU)

Listing of finance sites on the Web: The OSU Virtual Finance Library

Bankruptcy and other useful credit insights: Prof. Altman (NYU)

Treasury technology:

Governmental Web Sites for Treasury Professionals

Governmental sites can be rich resources, offering general economic data as well as other financial information. Here are some you should find useful:

Bank for International Settlements — good for macroeconomic data

Fedworld — use this master link for all Federal (US) sites

FDIC — sometimes you want to find out more about the FDIC

EDGAR (SEC) — EDGAR can be useful in looking up financial data

Federal Reserve — Here's a handy, interactive map of all the regional Federal Reserve banks. Just click on the one you want.