CTP Preparation Workshops

Achieving the Certified Treasury Professional designation (CTP) means passing a comprehensive 170-question exam in one sitting. It requires mastery of a range of financial knowledge that is far broader than the experience of most candidates.
 TIS principals have been involved with certification since its beginning. We helped develop the examination and edited and rewrote the first three editions of the Essentials. (We currently are not involved with the AFP in any way.) For the past 15 years, we have helped train candidates to pass the exam. We provide objective, easy-to-follow guidance, a study plan, study tips, and test-taking essentials.

Detailed CTP Review

We have worked with associations, banks, and other organizations (e.g., universities) to provide intensive review sessions. Here's what you get:
  • The groups are limited in size to encourage interaction and maximize the benefits to attendees.
  • We cover every chapter, providing quick drills, usually in the form of interactive questions and answers, to help candidates learn and recall information quickly.
  • We focus on the major aspects of each chapter and explain in simple terms the most complex concepts, theories, and formulas that test candidates must know.
  • We are able to go beyond the text to explain theories and provide shortcuts for computations.
  • We provide sample tests to give candidates an idea of how well prepared they are, which areas they are weakest in, and where they need to spend more time.
  • As former certification test question writers and college educators, we know what is most likely to be on the exam and can explain how best to prepare for the exam.
  • We also stay in touch via e-mail to help answer last-minute questions, calm nervous test-takers, and provide guidance as necessary.
 See a sample of CTP Review Materials and check our CTP Preparation FAQs for frequently asked questions about the CTP exam.
 If your organization or local treasury association is interested in providing educational support, please give us a call at (609) 466-2300, or send us an e-mail at Ken or Joyce. For banks, we offer a simple, economical solution to training needs. Banks sponsoring CTP review sessions for their staff often invite customers, as well.
 TIS publishes the only independent guide for preparing for the test, Preparing for Treasury Management Certification: A Self-Study Guide.