Negotiation Support and Coaching

Today's fast-paced world requires you to respond to problems and resolve errors quickly. We help our clients by serving as an asset to call on when short-term expertise is needed.
 We can help you prepare for meetings with your bankers when you are negotiating for services, when there are service issues to resolve, and when you are exploring new products and services or new banks. We coach you using our expert knowledge and experience.
 We provide you with a detailed agenda and talking points for your meetings. We can also help with last-minute prepping via telephone, teleconference, or in person. Our preparation gives you the confidence and a solid, knowledge-based foundation that leads to successful negotiations.
 There are other times when you can use help preparing for important presentations or other meetings. We can assist you in placing the treasury issues at stake in a relevant context.
 Here again, our experience of what other organizations do can be very helpful to you. In addition, we can provide additional support regarding best practices and other standard activities in the field.
 Our coaching services are customized to each client situation. In most cases, we communicate with you by telephone or e-mail, and our "behind-the-scenes" work is invisible. In all our projects we are available to advise you on dealing with your banks and other financial service vendors.
 Give us a call at 609-466-2300 to discuss your situation with Ken Parkinson or Joyce Ochs. You may also contact us via e-mail at Ken or Joyce.