Bank Report Cards

How well are your banks performing? Do you regularly monitor and rate each service provided? A good, objective way to do this is by preparing a bank report card. Bank report cards have become the industry term for bank performance reviews. They are independent of compensation reviews.

Rating Bank Performance

When we assess bank performance, we look at a variety of factors:
  • The types and frequency of actual errors by the bank
  • How and how well bank personnel communicate with you
  • How well the banks products and services meet your banking needs.
 Our performance review is a two-step process. First, TIS will interview you and appropriate staff about your satisfaction with your bank(s), focusing on performance issues. We will also review the most current account analyses. Second, we will rank your bank(s) against a group of comparable banks, using independent information.
 TIS then will prepare a written report assessing bank performance that can be the basis for your bank report card. We will detail any performance errors we uncovered. We will let you know if the bank has products and services that may be a better match for your needs than those you are currently using. If your bank does not offer products and services you should be using, we will let you know that, too.

Tracking Future Bank Performance

Along with our report, we will provide you with a customized bank report card template to create your own report cards on a regular basis to track bank performance going forward. The template is simple to use and will highlight problems as they occur, so they can be dealt with immediately.
 Our report can help you open discussions with your bank by serving as documentation to resolve service issues. TIS can help further by providing you with advisory services and coaching for bank negotiations.
 Give us a call at 609-466-2300 to discuss your situation with Ken Parkinson or Joyce Ochs. You may also contact us via e-mail at Ken or Joyce.