Bank Relationships

Banks are the most important external component of your firm's financial structure. In today's economy, they are more important to your firm's financial health than ever before.
 We help corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions improve their banking relationships through:
  • Bank compensation reviews. Compensation reviews have a single focus: Are you paying too much for products ands services? We will deliver a report of all your costs—including possible hidden costs and opportunity costs—and an analysis of how your costs compare to today's market pricing. We will discuss changes in your operations or service use that can reduce your costs.
  • Bank report cards. Performance evaluations tell you how well your banks and other financial service vendors are doing their jobs. After our review, we will deliver a report card that details the efficiency of your banks and vendors. We also will provide you with templates and techniques so you can continue to monitor them on your own.
  • Negotiation support and coaching. In all our projects we are available to advise our clients on dealing with their banks and other financial service vendors. We also will consult on an advisory basis with organizations with which we have no project relationships.