Bank Compensation Reviews

Compensation reviews have a single focus: Are you paying too much for products ands services? Today this question is more important than ever.

Account Analysis Expertise

Put the TIS experience to work for you. After more than two decades of examining account analysis statements from banks all over the country, we are experts at quickly identifying bank fee problems. We can read and interpret any bank account analysis statement.
 The types of problems we routinely see include overcharges, per item charges above the norm, questionable items such as charges for accounts that you thought were closed, and inconsistent or inaccurate earnings credit rates.

Reduced Bank Costs and More

At no cost to you, we examine your recent account analyses to identify possible savings in bank fees. If we determine that there are sufficient potential savings, we will give you a proposal outlining these savings. Our fee will be an agreed upon percentage of your annual savings.
 In addition to the compensation review, you may choose either or both of the following options: 1) a written recommendation of changes in your operations or service use than can reduce your costs further and improve the efficiency of your banking system, and 2) customized templates to track your bank charges in the future as you receive your account analyses.
 If you have no desire to change banks, a compensation review, coupled with a bank report card, is a fast and easy way to make sure that your bank fees are in line with current trends and that the services you use are appropriate and technically up-to-date.
 Our report can help you in discussions with your bank to renegotiate prices or serve as documentation to resolve service issues. TIS can help further by providing you with advisory services and coaching for bank negotiations.
 Give us a call at 609-466-2300 to discuss your situation with Ken Parkinson or Joyce Ochs. You may also contact us via e-mail at Ken or Joyce